What We Do

We sell Since 1990 we are making idols and we believe that bringing God home is a very divine incident in someone’s life, it happens once in lifetime and that’s what makes it very precious. In Shashtra, its mentioned that Idol for regular Pooja should be made of any stone or any natural thing. Once an Idol is established, it becomes lively and considered a living thing. So one should be confident that the idol S/he is buying is not broken from inside and not made of any impure material because if the Idol is cracked or not pure then It can bring hard times for that person. We take extra care and ensure that all the idols sold on our website or store are perfect and made with purity. In making of moortiz.com, Our aim is to become helpful for all Karigar who make beautiful idols by putting their life in risk. Most of them live in small villages and don’t have access for a good lifestyle. We have tried to showcase their work in from of the world by listing their product on our website.so that they can get genuine price. We always try that all our customers should get right product at genuine price and their idol buying process should be very easy from Moortiz.com. We consult If a customer wants to purchase an Idol from their preferred vendor then We ensure that the product they have selected is perfect and pure and the vendor is ethical. We take the responsibility for the safe and timely delivery for their order. Service charge is 10% on the total bill.